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The Engaging Protégé Leadership X A Day Role partners interns with leading Chief Excellence Officers.

The best way to predict the future is to create it
Peter Drucker

Exclusive to Protégé Management, the Leadership X A Day Role is our bespoke organisation-wide professional talent development strategy programme designed to unlock prospective generational-future leaders and give them the ability, motivation, and opportunity (AMO) to step into the shoes of a top executive, provide intern with career paths, support their ongoing development, to bring fresh ideas from outside into the organisation, and institute organisational values while making the organisation’s an employer of choice.

This programme aimed at attracting interns to participate in our talent management programme. This gives opportunity for intern to undertake a variety of roles within different parts of recruited client’s. The assessment involves a challenging recruitment process, including telephone interview at first-hand, online assessments, peers and experts, evidence based presentation on case work and face-to-face interviews.

Each successful finalist spends a day shadowing a chosen top executive and learning about their culture, career development opportunities, day-to-day role, and an opportunity to pass skills and better comprehend what propels these future leaders. Contact us if you are interested to be considered for inclusion into ‘The Protégées’’ We’d appreciate to hear from you!

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