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You must first identify the right executive search partner – one who truly understands what’s at stake and shares in your unwavering passion for hiring highly competitive provider and culturally aligned leaders.

At Protégé Management, we cannot be single out from praise because we partner with client’s to source for the most experienced talents from the cream of clients’ competitors employees, stimulate the potential candidates with our approach and processes as to why they should join the client’s organisations in line with agreed time frame.


Board & Chief Executive Services

Protégé Management provides firms strategic hiring needs with focus on delivering results and building an enduring institution. Our time tested approach, tools and techniques are applied in identifying and assessing suitable C-suite candidates who best match clients’ technical requirements and organisational culture and climate.

Talent Acquisition Services

In today’s competitive business environment, selecting the executive leaders who will best drive your organisation forward is one of the most critical challenges you face. In order to secure the right talent, you must first identify the right executive search partner—one who truly understands what’s at stake and shares in your unwavering passion for hiring highly competitive provider and culturally aligned leaders.

Executive Background Check

The appointment of an executive whose background reveals important shortcomings can seriously damage the image of an organisation. As part of our executive search service or as a one-off engagement, we provide organisations with a rigorous, thoughtful and forensic executive comprehensive screening solution of their potential candidates, designed to reveal insights into a person’s management style, aptitude and personality that cannot always be uncovered during an interview.

Leadership Training & Development

As the world of business is changing dramatically, leadership development is important for various reasons. One of the most important reasons is that leadership development practices are associated with people performance in the organisation. Our findings indicated that effective leadership development enables organisation in achieving and sustaining competitive advantages.

HR Professional Consulting

The agile of your HR policies and procedures are what give your business the edge. To maintain that edge in an increasingly competitive environment, you need to become ever more competent at aligning your policies with the business strategy to achieve high performing employees and gain competitive advantage.

HR Business Outsourcing Services

Time is money and equals to value. Sourcing the right-fit senior employee to fill vacancies in multiple strategic locations can be costly and time consuming when looking beyond the local talent pool. Liability to ease time to fill is devastating, yet hastening to replace staff with less fit employees’ only results in people turnover and a process restart. 

Interim Human Capital Management Services

Our interim HCM services render clients with the solutions to fill critical skills gaps during times of change, leave, maternity, market expansion, and portfolio diversifications. Whether carrying out short-term, mid-term, or long-term unique projects

HR Optimisation Business Reengineering

Organisations are not static things; changes are constantly taking place in corporate environment. An organisation’s survival and continuity therefore depends on its ability to adapt its processes according to emerging and planned changes.

Business Strategic Sector Mapping Services

Protégé Management helps firm clients address their most complex challenges of setting up a project or an office in a new environment to make informed decision. We help clients understand and minimise the risks around every corner and offer clear, practical suggestions for achieving client’s business objectives and maintain a calm and resolute defence of client’s interests in the face of any difficulties, disputes and deadlines.

Why Us

We Are Growth Partner!

We listen to you to understand your needs and requests, and we provide you the most suitable solutions to grow.

Incomparable Products and Services!

We provide inimitable experiences with our wide spectrum of products and services. Your projects always count!

Dedicated Growth Team!

You will find us at every single step of the project circle and the growth support team will be at your service till the project completion.

Maximise Value!

We understand your investment must translate to tangible improvements both in human capital and
corporate growth. We appraise every project and select a member of experienced team with industry
based knowledge to maximise the outcome of our bespoke designed solutions.


Protégé Kommunity

Our program is where natural talent meets the sheer will to succeed. Our work ethic combined with the expertise of our diverse faculty members makes the ideal setting to help job-seekers grow into corporate professional

Protégé Management

We provide inimitable experiences with our wide spectrum of products and services. Your projects always count!

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