Board & Chief Executive Services

Protégé Management provides firms strategic hiring needs with focus on delivering results and building an enduring institution. Our time tested approach, tools and techniques are applied in identifying and assessing suitable C-suite candidates who best match clients’ technical requirements and organisational culture and climate. Our main objective of this service is to select the most suitable leaders for our firm clients.

Board Effectiveness

Our finding specifies that there are four significant components that influence board effectiveness:


We understand the importance of team members to get along with one other, loyal to each other and to work toward the same organisational goal. Teams with good chemistry understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses and work in a way that maximises the strengths and minimises the weaknesses of each other’s.


We take holistic method of team configuration by relying on scientific methods of assessment in surveying candidates’ skillsets that can provide oversight and serve as both advisor and strategic board members.


We have deep understanding of the critical attributes it takes a leader to direct attention towards where it is needed the most.

Team Forces

We understand a motivated workplace with cohesive teams is a vital component of a successful business.

Our method is to focus on these four influences on performance while helping to build an effective control model. We are able to offer solutions in a range of areas, including board composition, culture alignment, strategic alignment, team effectiveness, and succession management. As an industry professional in this area, we understand how to assess for Learning Agility, one of the most reliable indicators of leadership potential. We work with the incumbent CEO’s and Board to plan and implement a diverse-generational CEO’s succession and transition course. Through the assessment and development of internal and external candidates, we always help our firm clients steer this most delicate transition safely and speedily.

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