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Nothing is more influential combination to the growth of any organisation rather than the successful configuration between a Chief Executive Officer and a solid, independent board member that can offer advise and serve as both advice-giver and strategic lever. Critical to the success of the CEO and the organisation is a board of directors with the competencies and intellectual capital to address the toughest strategic and operational challenges. At Protégé Management, we offer a full spectrum of Chief Executive Officer Services entrenched in modern study and knowledge-based best practices.

We are a trusted partner to some of the world’s leading brands and for over a decade we have helped them in building strong leadership teams to ensure the continued success of their organisations. As brand ambassadors for our firm clients, our experts have successfully completed searches across our sectors for C-level roles including chairmen, senior independent directors, non-executive directors, CEOs, CFOs, and CHRO with the utmost of integrity and diligence.

With firm clients including FTSE and Fortune 100 as well as public sector, SMEs and start-ups, we have built an international reputation for our collaborative, transparent, and results-orientated approach to business. We excel at senior roles and enjoy the challenges that come with them. We are adept at finding talent with excellent experience and the right fit culturally for teams in order to make lasting placements. We also specialise in benchmarking, succession planning, and retention services.

Board Effectiveness

Our finding specifies that there are four significant components that influence board effectiveness:


We understand the importance of team members to get along with one other, loyal to each other and to work toward the same organisational goal. Teams with good chemistry understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses and work in a way that maximises the strengths and minimises the weaknesses of each other’s.


We take holistic method of team configuration by relying on scientific methods of assessment in surveying candidates’ skillsets that can provide oversight and serve as both advisor and strategic board members.


We have deep understanding of the critical attributes it takes a leader to direct attention towards where it is needed the most.

Team Forces

We understand a motivated workplace with cohesive teams is a vital component of a successful business.

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