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Time is money and equals to value. Sourcing the right-fit senior employee to fill vacancies in multiple strategic locations can be costly and time consuming when looking beyond the local talent pool. Liability to ease time to fill is devastating, yet hastening to replace staff with less fit employees’ only results in people turnover and a process restart. It is vital that organisations develop smart, scalable and repeatable solutions to filling roles that maximise resources, efficiently deliver outcomes and make the most of their investment and time. By leveraging our data capability and intuition acquired over years, outsourced hiring resolutions allow companies to positively meet target hiring goals without compromise on quality of candidate while relieving HR departments of the hassle of recruiting, interviewing, testing and shortlisting suitable candidates.

Our HR Business Outsourcing Service delivery provides local and regional outsourcing recruitment services to a diverse of companies around the markets in which we operate. Addressing all areas of talent management strategy, we help organisations attract capable talent while directly sinking cost and time to hire. Protégé Management accountability is to support client’s to make diversity and inclusion a reality in their companies. We are dedicated to making sure that we provide our clients with option and are continuing to find ways to increase the innovation with which we handle projects. Largely, our involvement to diversity and inclusion is at every level of our own company. We value diversity and inclusion in race, sex, tribe, age, faith, education and expertise, social status, disability, sexual orientation, and political persuasion. We make sure people are treated fairly, given opportunity to succeed and evaluated objectively whilst increasing efficiency, saving costs and improving results.

Gains of Using Protégé Management HRBOS

  • HR departments can maintain strategic HR focus when the recruitment function is outsourced.
  • Remove hidden HR operations costs and structural reduction cost per hire.
  • Faster turnaround times.
  • High volumes easily managed.
  • Ability to target hard to fill positions.
  • Achieve measurable return on investment for HRBOS transactions.
  • Achieve better alignment between client’s and Protégé Management the provider of outsourcing services.
  • Improved HR service quality delivery and not quantity.
  • Closer alignment of talent strategy with organisation strategy.
  • Increased employer brand and corporate image.
  • A wider and more involved network of experienced talents.
  • Better and more cost-effective processes.

HRBOS Service Offerings

Project Recruitment.

Payroll Management.

Talent sourcing.

Clerical assistance and centres recruitment.

Job description development/composition.

Screening, profiling and candidate assessments.

Interim/leave and maternity recruitment.

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