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Our all-time favourite quote comes from acclaimed management consultant Peter Drucker: The best way to predict the future is to create it’’. This is the thinking behind Protégé Community poised to address unspoken truths and ill-information that have sabotaged thousands of job-seekers from landing their dream jobs. ‘‘Protégé Community is where natural talent meets the sheer will to succeed. Our work ethic combined with the expertise of our diverse faculty members makes the ideal setting to grow into a business professional’’.

The best way to predict the future is to create it
Peter Drucker

Today’s job seekers face tougher challenges and the graduate skills needed to survive in the jobs market is very different than ever before. With constant layoffs, changing trends, outsourcing, and high competition, employers are demanding more from candidates. Within few years ahead, only 20% of the workforce will have the skills necessary to fulfill the requirements of 60% of new jobs created. As the talent market evolves dramatically, excellent paper certificate grade as most people believed or the school attended that would have been regarded as a criteria to get hired, unfortunately, ‘this is now not the case’’ in this modern market space of ‘‘war for talent’’ where employer branding and talent branding climate are becoming increasingly complex.

Hence, many graduates stumble because they do not know how to market their personal brands and profile successfully to potential employer’s which are more important than the particular discipline of study for impacting employability. Thus, Protégé Community is designed to formally provide valuable insights to underscore ‘‘Employer Needs and Expectations of Graduate Skills: The Panacea For The Unemployment Gaps’’.

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