People & Change Management

The world is becoming ever more complex, presenting new challenges for businesses when it comes to managing their workforces. At Protégé Management, our People & Change teams focus on advising firm clients in the following areas:

Service Offerings

Transforming HR levers and policies so that they can add value at the right cost. HR has the capability to transform an organisation’s financial performance and market value through its people.

Delivering transformational change on an enterprise basis, or stand-alone function basis. We do this by helping clients manage the people issues as they embark on significant change through;

Vision and case for change.

Stakeholders’ involvement.

HR team's effectiveness.

Talent/human capital strategies, including identifying and retaining top performer.

Effective performance management.

Evaluate HR technology and strategies.

Communications strategies channel and plans with employees before, during and after a large- scale transformation.

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