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Training And Leadership Development

Training And Leadership Development
(The most paramount and underutilised, asset for productivity)

    As the world of business is changing dramatically, leadership development is an organisation’s most significant asset to reach an ambitious strategic plan. Securing the right talent is certainly one critical component to the success of any organisation, but to sustain that success long-term, organisations must also commit to establishing leadership cultures that allow that talent to thrive. The most successful organisations are those who put the right strategies, structures, and processes into place to develop, engage, and evaluate their talent on an ongoing basis. These organisations are proactive and forward-thinking, and are committed to strengthening their leaders not only for short-term impact, but to prepare for future opportunities, and ultimately, for succession planning.

    The management and leadership skills required to stay competitive today are very different from those of a generation ago, and those skills are likely to change dramatically over the next generation. Developing leaders from within is significance for driving change in today’s challenging and highly competitive world business environment. Inappropriately, many companies lack the necessary leadership competences. According to Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA, 2015), United Kingdom survey, 42% of surveyed senior leaders admitted their company has lost competitive advantage and struggled with decision-making as a result of lack of requisite leadership skillsets require to deliver on strategic urgencies – whether through increased profitability, improved customer service or better motivated and empowered employees. In the struggle to ‘think global and act local’ we help organisations to train their people to have ‘a ‘matrix of the mind’ to have the requisite leadership skillsets.

"The single biggest way to impact an organisation is to focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to the potential of an organisation that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and continually develops them".
… John C. Maxwell.

Making Development Course Highly Important

At Protégé Management, we have the expertise and the tools to make leadership development highly important for a company, addressing its precise needs to develop current and transformational-future leaders. As companies become increasingly global, fast-paced, and employees roles evolve to meet this shifting learning environment, our highly effective, relevant development programs can help companies develop their leaders’ skillsets to make strategic decisions, to be effective agents of change, and to think in an integrated way. We help to solve four pressing business challenges: the need for new skillsets to meet the demands they face today.

  • 1. Link culture to strategy.

  • 2. Reinforce the bench and close gaps in talent pipeline.

  • 3. Become more purpose driven, sustainable, and socially conscious.

  • 4. Proper strategy and innovation.

Our Services Cut Across A Powerful Range

We offer a comprehensive leadership development portfolio of services, from specialised programs to highly bespoke courses and services for the C-Suite, middle executives, high-performers, and first-level leaders. Effective development is a strategic imperative for any business. As an industry expert, we strive to accomplish much for the leaders and the oganisations. We justify spending and illustrate return on investment ((ROI). Let us put our expertise in identifying, developing, and engaging leaders to unleash their greatest potential to work for you.

What Leaders Need To Be And Need To Do To Succeed

At Protégé Management, complete development programs are available for each leader level across the business, and specialised for precise leadership challenges, functions, and roles, as required. We draw from our Four Scopes of Leadership and Talent to define precisely who leaders need to be and what they require to do to thrive. To make leaders for today and tomorrow, we also draw from the Four Poles of Leadership Development:

  • 1. Context Is Critical. Design development around the real organisation mission, culture, challenges and opportunities. This provides the context required for leaders' development to be transformational and drive measurable return on investment.

  • 2. Develop The Whole Talent. Focus on what leaders require to be and do. Build the characteristics crucial to sustaining successful leadership and develop specific context-driven skills to link to and activate the organisation strategy.

  • 3. Treat Leadership Development As A Journey. Move beyond transactional development. Learning and application of those lessons occur with the organisation context, with an intensity and timeframe that match the ambition and scale of the desired strategic shift.

  • 4. Service Promotes Purpose. Align organisation strategy with purpose. The opportunity to contribute beyond oneself activates inherent leadership competences and enables people to experience the power and impact of true leadership.