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(How long does it take before leaders starts leading)

    The first period of weeks and months of new hires are critical. Getting it right can significantly fast-track the transformation of a new hire into a fully functioning organisation leader. But getting it wrong can be very costly. Research proves that the average cost of a failed executive hire is $3.7 million USD. Our Onboarding solutions pick up where the executive search process stops, and help some of the leading brands assimilate new hires in a more structured and effective way. Focusing on the early stages of an executive’s tenure, we reduce the time it takes for him or her to start making a meaningful impact, and maximise the leader's personal engagement with the business and brand. We collaborate with new hires and internal promotions.

Employee Onboarding Life Cycle

Employee Onboarding Life Cycle

The Onboarding Goal

Protégé Management Onboarding Programme(2015)

A Combination of Skill And Result-Based Expertise Our far-reaching knowledge in this area, united with our complete and ongoing research, means we know the elements that really matter toward early success in an executive position. We also comprehend what kinds of support and guidance are likely to be most effective.

The Gains of Our Onboarding Solutions

We provide three kinds of onboarding services: Transition Training, Executive Onboarding, and Diversity, Team and Onboarding. All of them give several strategic goals:

The Gains of Our Onboarding Solutions
  • 1. Enhance new hires to fully assimilate into the organisation culture.

  • 2. Guide investment by reducing the risk of new hires leaving in a hurry.

  • 3. Quicken the acclimatisation of new recruits and promoted employees, allowing them to make value-adding results sooner.

Executive Onboarding

This three-step program grows organically out of our executive recruitment services. Leveraging information and assets gathered during the search process, including assessment results, reference reports, and organisational data, we create tailored 30 days onboarding plans that are carefully bespoke to the individual’s and the business requirements.

Development And Transition Training

This highly customisable training service helps leaders get quickly up to speed during the critical first one hundred days in a new role. The coaching process addresses five key areas - Relationships, Leadership, Business, Learning, and Personal - to quicken early success among newly transitioned leaders.

    Diversity, Team and Onboarding

    Using an interactive consultative process, this reality - based program helps new leaders succeed by linking strategic objectives and expectations, and by securing a tighter business fit. It has been shown to reduce turnover by 50 percent, increase advancement by up to 75 percent, and considerably improve job satisfaction.

    Onboarding, Not The Same As OrientationOnboarding is not the same as orientation. Consider whether your business internal process attains the following:

    • 1. Delivers critically timed feedback from key stakeholders.

    • 2. Offers counsel on objective identification.

    • 3. Provides early warning indicators and hazard avoidance.

    • 4. Identifies executives’ strengths and developmental areas, and ensures they have the key competencies for success.

    • 5. Brings role clarity.

    • 6. Quickens integration with business culture, strategy, and leadership team.