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International HR Services

International HR Services

Protégé Management firm helps leading brands address some of their most complex challenges of setting up a project or an organisation in a new environment or country enabling them to make informed decision. Our global network of HR effectiveness experts can help our organisation’s client with their workforce challenges and HR policy effectiveness.

We draw insight from local employment to improve client’s return on investment in human resources and human capital, thus positioning HR as a bottom-line contributor to their company’s overall business strategy while evaluating their performance against the competition. We collaborate to provide all international HR support to organisations who have decided to outsource this in their entirely to us. So whether it’s a new start-up in Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa or just some advice and guidance on rewards, pay, and benefits or local employment law we can help.

Here Are Some Of The Unique Areas That We Can Be Help To You As An Organisation

  • 1. Facilitate and manage visa and immigration needs.

  • 2. Conduct contractual paperwork of assignment, including expats and local hires.

  • 3. Lead country establishment.

  • 4. Conduct HR audits to assess compliance in new countries.

  • 5. Advice relating to repatriation.

  • 6. Accommodation and employee’s membership subscription with professional relevant bodies.

  • 7. Develop HR employee policy manual relevant to particular countries.

  • 8. Advice relating to HMO, Pension Fund Administrations, education requirements for expatriate’s children.

  • 1. Advice relating to terms and conditions and local uplift allowances ensuring competitiveness.

  • 2. Advice regarding Local and International Employment Law.

  • 3. Develop nationalisation plans.

  • 4. Engage with public offices and local communities.

  • 5. Engagement surveys.

  • 6. Talent management and workforce planning.

  • 7. Exit surveys.

  • 8. HR and human capital management strategy.

  • 9. HR function effectiveness & transformation.

  • 10. Determining optimal staffing and internal HR roles.

  • 11. Support the mobilisation of employees.

Value To Your Organisation.

Protégé Management HR services experts engage with organisations to develop HR measurement and benchmarking strategies and implement improvements in HR service delivery, with a goal of greater alignment with overall organisational strategy, resulting in:

  • 1. Improved shareholder value and operating performance.

  • 2. Improved productivity, discretionary effort and return on investment in human capital.

  • 3. Better understanding of operational/HR cost drivers to more effectively manage the organization’s assets.

  • 4. Cost savings with minimal disruption to HR infrastructure and workforce.