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Human Resource Optimisation Reengineering

Human Resource Optimisation Reengineering

    For a Human Resource department to function efficiently and effectively it must ensure that it is making the best use of systems, technology, and communication. Over time these methods have progressed and many are now integral to our daily life. Nevertheless, in several occurrences, HR processes continue as they have always done and have not evolved to take advantage of the opportunities available from the new technological advancements.

    At Protégé Management, we collaborate with firm clients in actualisation of their HR functions and its set goals, how HR information flows around their business, and where the obstacles are.

We partner with firm clients with the objective of identifying and evaluating the effectiveness of their HR processes against organisation strategy, vision, mission, culture and goals. Thus, a new HR processes and strategy are then developed and this is supported with new HR processes which are implemented and communicated to produce improvements in HR efficiency.

The expected outcomes may include but not limited to; reduced costs, an increase in responsiveness, higher employee engagement, high flexibility, speed, innovation, products and services quality, and an improvement in internal customer service levels.