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HR Outsourcing Services

HR Outsourcing Services
(At every level of your company, its talent that makes the huge difference)

    The quality of your talent is what gives your business the edge. To maintain that edge in an increasingly competitive environment, you need to become ever more skillful at recruiting and retaining people with influence. But how can you continuously improve your recruitment processes and the caliber of your new hires without incurring spiraling costs? Our HR Outsourcing service delivery provides local, regional, and global outsourcing recruitment services to a diverse of companies around the globe. Addressing all areas of talent management strategy, we help organisations attract capable talent while instantaneously sinking cost and time to hire.

    Protégé Management accountability to our clients is to support them to make diversity and inclusion a reality in their companies. We are dedicated to making that we provide our clients with option and are continuing to find ways to increase the innovation with which we handle projects. Largely, our involvement to diversity and inclusion is at every level of our own company. We value diversity and inclusion in race, sex, tribe, age, faith, education and expertise, social status, disability, sexual orientation, and political persuasion. We make sure people are treated fairly, given opportunity to succeed and evaluated objectively.

HR Outsourcing Service With Effect

When companies outsource their recruitment processes to us, our impact can be felt far beyond the recruitment process itself. That’s because our ethos is all about giving our clients resourcing and talent management results that deliver the greatest organisation gains.
Our HR Outsourcing Service delivery can help your organisation’s in efforts to:

  • 1. Achieve measurable return on investment for HRO transactions.

  • 2. Achieve better alignment between you the buyer’s and Protégé Management the provider of outsourcing services.

  • 3. Improve HR service delivery quality.

  • 4. Have increase options to effectively leverage HRO to deliver HR services.

  • 5. Closer alignment of talent strategy with organisation strategy.

  • 6. Increased employer brand and corporate image.

  • 7. Decreased in cost and time to hire and more control over both.

  • 8. A wider and more involved network of prospective candidates.

  • 9. Better and more cost-effective processes.

Repeatable HR Outsourcing Service

Though certain basics of our contribution are worldwide - for instance, we always employ Protégé Management recruitment tools and processes because they are among the most advanced in the world - we carefully tailor our HRO Service delivery to meet each business particular requirements. This includes providing repeatable access to expertise through a combination of on-site and off-site resources.

Team Composition

For given HRO Service delivery, we deploy an experienced Client Service Partner who works on site, acts as the single point of contact and responsibility, and manages every element of the solution, from sourcing and research through screening and selection. Working closely with the Client Service Partner will be a team of high touch on-site and off-site experts. Though the exact makeup of these teams differs depending on the scale of the HROS, they all share a result-based, client-focused method.

List of Our HRO Service Delivery. (Research areas to tailor)

  • 1. Project recruitment.

  • 2. Sourcing strategies.

  • 3. Hiring plans.

  • 4. Talent communities.

  • 5. Brand audits.