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Board and Chief Excellence Officer Services

Board and Chief Excellence Officer Services
(Is your senior leadership team aligned and achieving desired results?)

Linking competence, confidence, chemistry, and culture, consonant with corporate goals is significant to the creation of an independent, diverse and effective and efficient board. When organisation’s boards, C-suites levels management and leadership teams thrive, entire organisations succeed with them. But the effectiveness of your leadership team may be endangered by such issues as peculiar differences, inadequate strategic alignment, or failures of structure and control. We leverage our insights, knowledge, and expertise to provide invaluable counsel to businesses looking to improve board composition and enhance effectiveness and gain alignment on strategic direction and risk while finding the right people with the right requisite skills for the right executive positions, and build the leadership competences necessary to deliver optimum organisation performance.

Cultivating The Performance and Influence of The Board

Our finding specifies that there are four significant components that influence board effectiveness:

  • 1. Chemistry: do the members of the board have a good interpersonal fit with the culture on the organisation?.

    2. Configuration: does the board have the right diverse members?.

    3. Attention: do the members of the board have a mutual attention on the business strategy and skills?

    4. Team forces: could board associates be working cooperatively more effectively?

Our method is to focus on these four influences in performance while helping to build an effective control model. We are able to offer solutions in a range of areas, including board composition, culture alignment, strategic alignment, team effectiveness, and succession management.

Exploiting CEO and Top Team Effectiveness

With a broad portfolio of recognised proprietary tools and approaches, and science-based evaluations that are predictors of fit, we partner to fast-track the development of needed competences and the performance of high-ranking leaders. Our areas of focus include:

Board and CEO Performance

We collaborate with Boards, advising them on how to work others division heads, improve their general performance, committee effectiveness, and individual director performance. Working with CEOs, we guide them to improve leadership effectiveness, impact, and legacy.

CEO and Top Succession and Assessment

As an industry professional in this area, we understand how to assess for Learning Agility, one of the most reliable indicators of leadership potential. Working with the incumbent CEO’s and Board to plan and implement a diverse-generational CEO succession and transition course. Through the assessment and development of internal and external candidates, we help our clients steer this most delicate transition safely and speedily.

High Team Effectiveness.

We assist improve performance through team configuration, diversity, people development, management processes and team dynamics, together cooperatively and individually.

Collaboration, Team Culture, and Dynamics

We are specialists in the highly delicate and difficult work of diagnosing and resolving cultural issues. This includes helping leadership teams harmonise their vision, mission, and objectives to ensure everybody is pulling in the similar track.

Strategic Intent and Alignment

Applying hard, research-based methods, we help executive teams devise and articulate a clear, ambitious, and compelling purpose, direction, and business model for the organisation as well as align roles with business strategies and operating structures. We can also help them assess and properly plan for the organisation’s risk tolerance.

Hierarchy, Configuration, and Control

By enabling senior teams to assess structural and decision-making issues and navigate toward more effective governance, we help them find answers to critical questions, such as whether they have the right people in the right roles and whether their management procedures are efficient and proper.

In assessing diversity and inclusion of board compositions, we analyse the following stages of the employee lifecycle.