Protege Management
  • 1. Agricultural.

    2. Aviation/Transportation.

    3. Consultancy/Professional Services.

    4. Construction/Building.

    5. Education.

    6. Financial/Banking Services.

    7. FMCG.

    8. Hospitality/Tourism.

    9. Human Resources.

    10. Mining.

    11. Manufacturing/Production.

    12. Maritime/Shipping.

    13. NGO.

    14. Oil/Gas and Energy.

    15. Pharmaceuticals.

    16. Telecommunication.

How We Perform.

We collaborate with our clients, helping them to mitigate risks and grasp opportunities. Our approach first is to formulate a principle about what we suggest the answer would be by stating the innermost problem.

We then divide the problems into minor questions that will encourage us prove or reject our principle. To reply these questions, we produce work streams-separate pieces of the assignment that a team specialist is accountable for. They consist of:

  • 1. Interviewing clients.

    2. Discussing with specialist within the firm for expert knowledge.

    3. Carrying out primary and secondary study.

    4. Assembling and analysing facts.

    5. Developing fresh ideas and insights.

    6. Assessing the impact of what findings mean for the overall answer.

    7. Synthesising conclusions and developing recommendations.

    8. Making presentations to client senior executives.

    9. Driving implementation.

We work directly with our clients every step of the way to check conclusions and assess the possibility of answers. At the same time, we build their skills so they can make lasting change in individuals and organisation's performance.

Our job doesn’t end when a study ends. We assist execute solutions and we follow up to see how the recommendations are working and what impact they’re having. We stay connected to our clients because we believe deeply in doing what’s best for them-not just today, but throughout our relationship with them.