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Welcome to Protégé Management

Our mission statement has always been about the clients we serve: “To help firm clients meet their organisational organic growth through our arrays of products and services which includes but not limited to; Board & Chief Excellence Officer Services, Onboarding, Training and Leadership Development, HR Outsourcing Services, HR Interim Services, International HR Services, Succession Planning, Executive Background Reference Checks, and Sector Strategic Mapping which are not generic in nature but tailored to address specific individual’s firm client’s needs.

All of our products and services reflect this mission. Our implementation demonstrates our agility in and connection to providing the best products and services to the clients we serve, the communities and the people that collaborate to support these endeavours.

Our core values — excellence, teamwork, honesty, and more — are connected by a singular commitment in delivering on client needs. Protégé Management team is made up of competent consultants with diverse industry backgrounds traversing both local and international geographies. I invite you to visit Protégé Management’s website on a regular basis as we continue to provide updates on our products and services with believes it presents a unique opportunity for positive change and long-term stability.

We pride ourselves on delivery products and services that are relevant and strategic in nature with a focus in assisting firm clients’ to develop capabilities to meet their goals by going extra miles to express a compelling truth about our clients’ service offering - exactly in the way that a consumer brand should say something true and fascinating about a product or service. After all, without a key message that resonates and motivates, any marketing activity is likely to be little more than expensive noise.

We recognise a successful organisation depends upon the insight of its people as the exceptional growth of our business to date is a reflection of the quality and skill of our people. We are of the opinion innovation and creativity comes from diversity of perspectives and experience, and this is one of the areas in which we make a big difference in finding adequate, effective solutions to current requirements rather than retrospectively applying fixes.

At Protégé Management, we challenge perception and practices within our organisation to help create the working cultures that support more diversity and progression for all, hence we assist to build a strong employer brand to help our firm clients attract and retain the best talent anywhere in the world with the requisite skills, attitudes, and integrity and deploy it wherever it is needed.

We are proud to be your ally for your success!

Cheers for your success!

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Obed Izekor
Founder/Principal Managing Consultant.