Protégé Management is a premier boutique Human Resources Consulting and Executive Search organisation. We offer both local and international companies bespoke human resources consulting products and services across diverse sectors.

We specialise in providing bespoke services that emphasise internationally accepted global best practices either as one-off or on a retained agreement in the areas of; C-suites level assignment to entry-level roles, Onboarding, Training and Leadership Development, HR Outsourcing Services, HR Interim Services, International HR Services, Succession Planning, Executive Background Reference Checks, Sector Strategic Mapping, People and Change Management, HR Services for Schools and Academics.

We interface deeply with the world’s most creative and innovative individuals to ultimately build successful executive leadership teams for leading businesses around the world.

As a brand ambassador for our clients, we expertly find the best talent anywhere in the world with the requisite skills, attitudes, and integrity and deploy it wherever it is needed to achieve exceptional results for our clients, globally, and in the markets they serve. Our team is made up of competent consultants with diverse industry backgrounds traversing both local and international geographies. As a client, you will be engage with an expert who understands your industry and your business.

We believe the professionalism Protégé Management offers is inimitable in this area of the market, and importantly it delivers the optimum outcomes for our clients. We have outstanding track record in providing practical, no garbage, and professional services to help our clients get the best out of their resources to help them grow their organisations by providing unique boutique services under one roof this has helped to ensure that everything we do is market leading.

Through our strategically localised presence in Nigeria and Ghana, connected by a singular commitment, we have deep understanding of the economic trends in these markets to provide sustainable support to our clients wherever they may be.

To be reliable people search, leadership advisory and HR consulting’ firm.

To harness our collective expertise’s connected by a singular commitment in delivering on client needs.