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The Protégé Network Program

The Protégé Network Program
(Helping HR Practitioners Develop And Support Their People)

The Protégé Network brings together top HR executives who are board members from a diverse array of businesses and NGO’s. Membership of The Protégé Network is made up of HR executives of like-minded in communities of learning to discuss pertinent HR trends, issues and technologies related to workplaces as a catalyst for generating high-value energy human capital insight and channel top expertise to where the world needs it most. The Protégé Network is a high-impact interactive platform bridging the gap between government and organisations to drive human capital best practices and actionable insights into talent, technology and strategic HR. Through multiple channels: workshops, masterclasses, panel discussions, presentations, mentoring meetings, networking, and conferences, thought leaders will interactively walk through the most current human capital challenges in a fast-growing economy like Nigeria’s to ensure that the most important leaders in organisations and public corporation can:

  • 1. Drive improved talent productivity and leadership succession.

  • 2. Cast off accident-prone legacy strategies for talent management.

  • 3. Secure proper methodologies to evaluate and implement HR technology and services.

4. Resume their strategic roles with a greater clarity of thought and vision all with the aim to support, harmonise and put into action the initiatives from both government and private sector to transform and grow Nigeria into a high-income economy and grow the local highly-skilled workforce to 50 percent by 2020 as outlined in the Nigeria vision 2020 Plan.

According to the World Economic Forum, by as early as 2020, more than seven million jobs will be lost to ‘‘disruptive labour market changes’’. Businesses will have to reconsider how employees skills are used and updated, and whether the notion of an ‘‘employee’’ will even be relevant, as our perception of work and how and where it takes place will change dramatically. This isn’t just about automation, or even technology, as globalisation, migration, societal norms and cultural factors all pull at our traditional views of the nature of work and workplaces. The Protégé Network provides an atmosphere for assessment; professional personal development and mate-to-mate discussion and support also prove a cost-effective way of delivering learning at a time when many training budgets are under scrutiny, since the passion and knowledge of leaners themselves can be harnessed for relatively little outlay.

We trust that this forum will provide agile learning for HR leaders not just only to support them to be effective agents of change but also to their business – whether through increased profitability, improved customer service or better motivated more empowered employees. We believe that there’s a real opportunity to provide HR professionals to how organisations engage, retain and exploring the future of learning against a backdrop of rapid change. As a renowned provider of executive leadership and advisory services, we are well positioned to advise on and assess the development of leadership training and development and executive talent pipeline.