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Protégé Conservatoire

Our all-time favourite quote comes from acclaimed management consultant Peter Drucker: ‘The best way to predict the future is to create it’. This is the thinking behind Protégé Conservatoire, as a programme birthed to address unmet unemployment challenges, mentor unemployed or disadvantage people, and to help provide solutions to what have prevented people from getting employed through agile learning to reflect self-actualisation for job seekers. Protégé Conservatoire aimed to formally provide valuable insights to underscore ‘Employer Needs and Expectations of Graduate Skills: The Panacea For The Unemployment Gaps’

From our research, we have identified a lot about the hurdles job seekers face in getting employed in the labour market despite they left schools with good grades.

This programme encompasses a training that helps job seekers understand job hurting as a marketing strategy that must be learnt despite possession of qualification itself is good but not enough to prove you are the most suitable candidate for a job – you need to consider what you have to offer as a whole, the skills, value, knowledge and attitude employers are seeking as these have sabotaged job seekers job hurting.

The lack of exposure, access to information, personal branding, networking, access to mentors and role model are critical gaps that Protégé Conservatoire will solve as the talent market (employer and talent branding) are changing quickly while organisations across the globe are increasingly diversifying their recruitment methods to the extent of adopting ‘contextual recruitment’, where an applicant’s grades are considered in light of where they grew up and went to school – changing the question from whether they got the best grades to whether they beat the odds. Contact us if you wish to join us and we look forward to having you on the programme.